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Maggi Hot Sweet Tomato Sauce
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Maggi Hot Sweet Tomato Sauce

Maggi Hot & Sweet tomato sauce is made from ripe tomatoes and just the right blend of spices to achieve its unique sweet and tangy taste. It's made with attention to detail, ensuring a consistent flavor.

Distinctive flavor

This sauce offers a special mix of sweetness and a mild kick of spiciness that elevates your dishes. It's a distinct addition to your kitchen and improves the taste of a variety of foods.

Versatile use

Whether for dipping snacks, marinating meats, or adding flavor to your cooking, Maggi Sauce does it all. It's perfect for enhancing the taste of samosas, pakoras, and grilled dishes.

Trusted quality

Maggi Sauce has been a kitchen staple for years, known for its reliable quality. Made from quality ingredients, it consistently delivers that familiar yet flavorful taste.

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