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TEZ Specials
Wah Basmati Rice (8 lb)

Basmati rice is a versatile and essential pantry item that makes mealtime exciting and delicious!

CAD 6.99

Tapal Danedar Pouch (900 g)

Fresh aromatic loose tea packed in a pounch for lasting flavour. Created for every type of tea lover. From brewed steeped tea, mixed tea, to plain black tea, this ones a winner!

CAD 10.99

Haldiram Yumkeenz Nut Cracker (150 g)


CAD 1.99

Haldiram Yumkeenz Aloo Bhujia (150 g)


CAD 1.99

Regal Pink Guava Juice (2 l)

Exquisitely flavoured juice made with fresh pink guavas. A refreshing drink for any time of the day!

CAD 4.99

Regal Kinnow Juice (2 l)

Nectar made with juiciest 18 Kinnows for that extra orange goodness!

CAD 4.99

Regal Lychee Juice (2 l)

Exotic flavour of 40 ripe and juicy Lychees handpicked for that extra freshness and flavour!

CAD 4.99

Pantry Specials
Dewan Classic Basmati Rice (10 lb)

Glistening long-grains, perfectly aged, nutritious and aromatic,Dewan Basmati Rice is in a league of its own!

CAD 13.99

National Corn Flour (300 g)

Perfect for a variety of cooking needs, in soups, curries, baking etc.

CAD 2.99

Swarna Chakki Atta (20 lb)

Enjoy the natural goodness from Swarna Durum Atta that contains nutrients for a healthy life.

CAD 16.99

Allegro Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 l)

Allegro Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from the finest olives from the rich fields of Tunisia. This exotic olive oil has a deliciously flavourful taste. Can be used in salads or in every day cooking.

CAD 9.99

Tapal Family Mixture Pouch (900 g)

Aromatic tea made from freshly pick tealeaves for that perfect cup of tea

CAD 10.99

Featured Products
Guard Supreme Basmati Rice (10 lb)

Carefully aged, natures longest pure Basmati with delectable aroma. A top choice for all kinds of rice dishes.

CAD 15.99

Tapal Danedar Tea Bag String Tag (250 g)

Your ultimate go-to Tea bags for instant and delicious tea any time of the day!

CAD 5.99

Taza Tandoori Naan 5pcs (450 g)

Traditional soft Tandoori Naan is a popular year-round staple in homes. Handstretched and baked in a clay oven for authentic flavour. Keep Frozen.

CAD 2.49

Regal Chilli Sauce (500 ml)

Add a kick to your meals with this hot and spicy chilli sauce. Can be used for cooking or to serve directly with snacks and meals.

CAD 1.50 CAD 2.99 50 % OFF

Pakola Ice Cream Soda (250 ml)


CAD 0.99

Bakery & Snacks
Crispy Fruit Cake (380 g)

Freshly baked and flavourful fruit cakes are perfect for sweet cravings, snacks and treats! Individually wrapped for convenience.

CAD 3.99

Taza Namak Para Snacks (360 g)

A household favourite! Crunchy, savoury, fried pastry snack made with flour and lightly spiced. Perfect tea-time snacks or for those untimely cravings.

CAD 2.99

Regal Bombay Mix (400 g)

A classic traditional snack! Famous bombay mix is a timeless Indian snack made of dried noodles, peanuts, lentils, spices and other ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians.

CAD 2.99

Regal Vanilla Filled Wafers (350 g)

Bite-sized light wafer biscuit with a rich layer of creamy vanilla filling. Ideal for sweet-cravings or fun treats for children!

CAD 4.99

Ready To Eat
Tastie Choice Daal Tadka (400 g)

Ready to eat Yellow Split Lentil Curry With Cumin Rice

CAD 4.99

TAZA Masala Masti Cup A Noodle (60 g)

Instant slurpy cup noodles with mouthwatering zesty Masala flavor. Add in Hot water and enjoy a quick, filling meal!

CAD 0.99

Taza Mirchon Ka Salan (282 g)

Homemade banana peppers stuffed in savoury and tangy masala for a zesty and mouthwatering dish. Vegetarian. Keep frozen. Medium spice level.

CAD 3.99

Taza Chana Masala (282 g)

Homemade authentic Chickpea Masala cooked with traditional Punjabi spices for that unforgettable taste. Vegetarian. Medium spice level. Keep frozen. Medium spice level.

Currently Unavailable


Taza Bhagarey Baingan (282 g)

Homemade authentic aubergines stuffed with spicy Masala for a delectable dish loved by all. Vegetarian. Keep frozen.

CAD 3.99

Frozen Specials
Taza Chapatti Homestyle Roti 5pcs (275 g)

Hand-stretched, home-made style Chapati Roti can make any meal a delicious one! Keep Frozen. No Preservatives. No Additives. No Trans Fat.

CAD 1.49

Taza Cheese Pizza Hand Stretched (550 g)

Hand-stretched pizza topped with pizza sauce and mozerella cheese. Keep Frozen.

CAD 5.99

Taza Chicken Tikka Pizza Hand Stretched (617 g)

Hand-stretched pizza topped with pizza sauce, mozerella cheese and chicken tikka boneless pieces. Zabiha by Hand halal chicken. Keep Frozen.

CAD 6.99

Taza Chicken Nuggets (680 g)

A timeless favourite! Chicken breast small sized pieces lightly spiced and breaded. Fully Raw. To be cooked according to package instructions.

CAD 4.99 CAD 5.99 17 % OFF

Taza Chicken Burger 8pcs (680 g)

A timeless favourite! Chicken breast patties lightly spiced and breaded. Fully Raw. To be cooked according to package instructions.

CAD 4.99 CAD 5.99 17 % OFF