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Regal Sauce 2 Flavors Collection 1 L (2 pcs)

Buy any two of your favorite spices and get more benefit from the full line of products with Regal Sauce 2 Flavors Collection

CAD 4.99 CAD 5.98 17 % OFF

Lu Collection Bundle (650 g)


CAD 6.49 CAD 8.94 27 % OFF

Yummy Gummy Bundle (800 g)

Save 21% by choosing the flavours you want in this yummylicious and Enjoy the goodness of 100% yummy chewy gummy candy! Fat-free, Cholestrol Free, Fruit Juice added . 100% halal

CAD 9.49 CAD 11.94 21 % OFF

Regal Juices 2 Liter Bottles In 3 Flavours (6 l)

Exciting offer and savings on buying 3 bottles of 2 liters of your favorite Regal juices.... Save 30%Choose any 3 from below

CAD 10.47 CAD 14.97 30 % OFF

Hemani Essential Oils Collection (90 ml)


CAD 13.47 CAD 14.97 10 % OFF

Frozen Breast Chicken Tenders Medium (5 kg)

Fresh frozen breast chicken tenders available in medium sized portions, Our products are HMA Certified. Available in full case.

CAD 55.99

Nanak Badam Milk Drink (330 ml)


CAD 1.99 CAD 2.49 20 % OFF

Crispy Cake Rusk Eggless (750 g)

An irresistible tea-time snack for vegetarians! This all-time crunchy favourite is best paired with tea or coffee. Egg Free. Vegetarian.

CAD 2.99 CAD 4.99 40 % OFF

Sher Desi Style Atta (20 lb)

Make delicious flatbreads like roti, paratha,naan with a household favourite desi style Atta.

CAD 9.99 CAD 12.99 23 % OFF

National Chana Chat 110 g (110 g)

The tangy n spicy masala powder deliciously enhances chaat!

CAD 2.29 CAD 2.79 18 % OFF

Taza Tandoori Naan 5pcs (450 g)

Traditional soft Tandoori Naan is a popular year-round staple in homes. Handstretched and baked in a clay oven for authentic flavour. Keep Frozen.

CAD 2.49

Taza Sheermal (660 g)

A highly popular mildly sweet, saffron flavoured naanflatbread. Its softt and decadent texture makes it an all-time favourite in homes. Best served with Chai or indulgent curries like Nihari etc. Vegetarian. Keep Frozen.

CAD 3.99

Taza Chicken Shami Kabab 8pcs (540 g)

Chicken mince, split chick pea lentils and authentic spices ground to form patties. Pan fry for a variety of healthy and tasty meals. Best served alone, with rotinaan, rice or in sandwiches and burgers. keep frozen. medium spice level. 100% halal.

CAD 10.99

Taza Falafel (350 g)

Middle-Eastern deep-fried rounded dough made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, herbs and spices. A nutritious vegetarian meal that can be used in wraps, salads, sandwiches etc. Keep frozen. Vegetarian.

CAD 5.99

Taza Akhrot Halwa (282 g)

A tempting dessert like no other!Walnut (Akhrot) Halwa is a delectable treat for dessert lovers. Vegetarian. Keep frozen.

CAD 3.99

Taza Reshmi Kabab 8pcs (680 g)

Succulent ground chicken Kebab with mughlai spices to give it that authentic taste. Can be used in a variety of tempting dishes. Keep frozen. 100% Halal.

CAD 8.99

Taza Chicken Nuggets (680 g)

A timeless favourite! Chicken breast small sized pieces lightly spiced and breaded. Fully Raw. To be cooked according to package instructions.

CAD 5.99

Taza Chicken Strips (680 g)

A timeless favourite! Chicken breast strip pieces lightly spiced and breaded. Fully Raw. To be cooked according to package instructions.

CAD 5.99

Taza Twist Puff Sticks (200 )

Snack time with a twist! Flaky, buttery and sweet puff pastries that can be enjoyed on their own or with tea, coffee or milk!

CAD 2.99

Taza Zeera Sticks (200 )

Light and flaky puff pastry snack covered with aromatic cumin seeds. Perfect for when you want a quick appetizer or snack thats not sweet. Baked with finest quality ingredients.

CAD 2.99

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Top Sellers
Crispy Frozen Naan 5pcs (500 g)

Stone-baked, soft naans perfectly complement meals. Frozen and packed for convenience and lasting taste. No preservatives.

CAD 1.99

Nanak Paneer Pakora 15pcs (454 g)

Appetizer like Nanak Paneer Pakora are easy to prepare in minutes and save a lot of time with very pleasing sense of taste.

CAD 6.99

Deep Sweet Corn (2 lb)

Deep Sweet Corn is the result of a naturally occurring recessive mutation in the genes which control conversion of sugar to starch inside the endosperm of the corn kernel, ready to serve in 2-3 minutes

CAD 4.49

National Garlic Paste 300 g (300 g)

Make your cooking time enjoyable and easy with ready to use paste made with fresh garlic.

CAD 2.99

Desi Poha Thin Rice Flakes (2 lb)

Poha, also called beaten rice, is a dehusked rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes. Used in unique recipes and meals.

CAD 2.99

Golden Temple Wheat Atta Flour (9 kg)


CAD 12.99

Allegro Olive Pomace Oil 3 l (3 l)

Allegro Olive Pomace Oil is the finest blend of Refined Olive Oil with Virgin Olive Oil. It has a neutral taste and because of the high smoking point, it is ideal for deep frying and cooking.

CAD 19.99

Maggi Masala Noodle (70 )

MAGGI Instant Noodles with the favorite Masala taste is the the perfect way to savior to all your hunger pangs! MAGGI noodles are made with the finest quality spices and ingredients. Make your bowl of MAGGI even better by chopping up some vegetables, dropping in an egg or throwing in your favorite ingredients.

CAD 0.49

Haldiram Dal Makhani Minute Khana (300 g)

is a dish originating from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent. The Haldirams Dal Makhani Minute Khana gets its richness from the use of cream or butter, but it can also be prepared with yogurt, milk or no dairy.Cooked in 2-3 minutes

CAD 2.99

Tapal Mint Green Tea (45 g)

A wonderful flavour and scent alongwith numerous benefits of mint makes this tea a sure shot winner!

CAD 3.99