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Taza Paratha Value Pack 30 Pcs.


CAD 10.99

Taza Qandhari Naan (660 g)

Famous Qandhari Naan Originated from tribal areas of pakistan is leavened flat bread baked on the wall lining of the Tandoori oven. Handmade to perfection for that authentic texture and taste

CAD 3.99

Taza Cup A Bhel


CAD 2.99

Taza Cup A Bhel Schezwan


CAD 2.99

Tata Salt Vacuum Evaporated Iodised (1 kg)

This is a Vegetarian product, contains a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.

CAD 2.99

Taza Mustard Oil 1Ltr


CAD 8.99

Shan Pulau Biryani Mix 50 G (50 g)

Shan Pilau Biryani Mix has a perfect blend of rich and aromatic spices which helps you in preparing the perfect twist of Biryani and Pilau for an appetizing and flavorful treat.

CAD 1.79

Dewan Classic Basmati Rice 10 Lb (10 lb)

Glistening long-grains, perfectly aged, nutritious and aromatic,Dewan Basmati Rice is in a league of its own!

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Chings Dark Soy Sauce 170ml (170 ml)

Soy Sauce made with a traditional Chinese recipe. Soy beans, sugar, salt fermented to perfection till the sauce is extracted. Used as a dipping sauce and a pour-over sauce. Imparts an authentic Chinese flavor dishes.

CAD 2.99

Tastie Choice Chana Masala (400 g)

Ready to eat Chickpeas Curry With Basmati Rice

CAD 4.99

Taza Oven Baked Naan Plain 8Pcs 680gm (680 g)

Soft ,hand stretched Taza Oven Baked Naan made with mildly leavened flour and oven baked. Best served with curries, kabab or BBQ. Keep frozen

CAD 2.99

Taza Tandoori Naan Jumbo Pack 8pcs (1000 g)

Traditional soft Tandoori Naan is a popular year-round staple in homes. Handstretched and baked in a clay oven for authentic flavour. Keep Frozen.

CAD 6.99

Taza Tandoori Naan Value Pack 20Pcs

Taza Tandoori Naan 20 pcs (4 packs x5) Authentic hand stretched naan bread baked in a traditional clay oven tandoor.

CAD 10.99

Taza Kulcha Blue Pack (680 g)

Hand-stretched, Fluffy, soft Naan made with mildly leavened flour and clay oven baked. Best served with curries, kabab or BBQ. Keep frozen.

CAD 3.29

Taza Paratha Jumbo 20pcs (1600 g)

Layered paratha thats best served for breakfast, paratha rolls, curries. No Preservatives. No Additives. Keep frozen.

CAD 5.99 CAD 6.99 14 % OFF

Taza Homestyle Paratha 5pc

Taza Homestyle ,Hand made & Hand-stretched triangular layered paratha that will breakfast , lunch exciting and dinner truly indulgent! No Preservatives. No Additives. No Trans Fat. Keep frozen.Vegetarian

CAD 2.99

Meat Up Chicken Samosas 12pcs (420 g)

Samosas Are Worldwide Sensations That Can Tingle Anyones Tastebuds! Handmade Triangular Shaped Flaky, Golden Pastry Filled With Savoury Chicken. Fried For Best Results. Keep Frozen.

CAD 8.99

Taza Vegetable Pizza Hand Stretched (610 g)

Hand-stretched pizza topped with pizza sauce , mozerella cheese and bell peppers, onions, olives. Keep Frozen.

CAD 5.99

Meat Up Chicken Reshmi Kababs 12pcs (680 g)

Succulent ground chicken Kebab with mughlai spices to give it that authentic taste. Can be used in a variety of tempting dishes. Keep frozen. 100% Halal.

CAD 8.99

Veg Up : Taza Mixed Vegetable Kebab 600 Gm

Taza Mixed Vegetable Kebab 600 Gm

CAD 7.99

Taza Cup A Bhel Roasty


CAD 2.99

Taza Kulcha Naan Green Pack (450 g)

Hand-stretched, Fluffy, soft Naan made with mildly leavened flour and clay oven baked. Best served with curries, kabab or BBQ. Keep frozen.

Currently Unavailable


Taza Sheermal (660 g)

Taza Sheermal, a highly popular mildly sweet, saffron flavoured naan flatbread. Its soft and decadent texture makes it an all-time favourite in homes. Best served with Chai or indulgent curries like Nihari etc. Vegetarian. Keep Frozen.

CAD 3.49 CAD 3.99 13 % OFF

Ashoka Lila Lasan Or Green Garlic (250 g)

Lila Lasan or Green Garlic is the young garlic that gets harvested before the cloves have begun to mature. Used in a variety of recepies

CAD 3.49

Shan Nihari Curry Mix 60 G (60 g)

Shan Nihari mix helps you recreate the authentic traditional taste of divine, aromatic and velvety Nihari which is a true legacy of the Mughlai cuisine.

CAD 1.79

Guard Ultimate Basmati Rice 10 Lb (10 lb)

Exceptional quality Basmati with the longest and most aromatic long-grains. A top choice for all kinds of rice dishes.

CAD 14.99