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TEZMART Chai Bundle

Tapal tea bag 220,Regal Pound Cake,TAZA Cookies,Italian Puffs,Regal Nimko,TAZA Pani Puri,Gajar Halwa 1Lb,TAZA Namak Para,

CAD 25.00 CAD 35 29 % OFF

Summer BBQ Bundle

Kebab Factory Chicken Tandoori Boneless 650gm, Tandoori Naan 5pcs2Ltr Coke -TAZA Beef Burger 8pcs -Kebab Factory 10pcs Beef Kabab

CAD 25.00 CAD 35.71 30 % OFF

TAZA Sauce Bundle (5 Bottles)

Chilli Garlic,Peri Peri,Imli Chilli,Green Chilli,Sweet Chilli,

CAD 10.00 CAD 15 33 % OFF

Regal Sauce 2 Flavors Collection 1 L (2)

Buy any two of your favorite spices and get more benefit from the full line of products with Regal Sauce 2 Flavors Collection

CAD 4.99 CAD 5.98 17 % OFF

TAZA Naan Paratha Bundle

Tandoori Naan 5pcs (4 packs),Sheermal (1 pack),Kulcha (2 packs),Jumbo Paratha (1 pack) ,Handmade Paratha (1 pack),qANDHARI NAAN (1 pack).

CAD 25.00 CAD 35 29 % OFF

Tapal Chai Chaska (2)

TAPAL DANEDAR 900 gms and TAPAL DANEDAR ROUND TEA 220 BAGS for 17.99... SAVE 10%

CAD 16.19 CAD 17.99 10 % OFF

Taza Strudel Cookie Bundle (675 g)

Enjoy TAZA Strudel Cookie Bundle with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

CAD 8.95 CAD 9.95 10 % OFF

Allegro Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection (750 ml)

Complete your Extra Virgin Oil collection by buying Allegro Extra Virgin Oils 1. Allegro Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Garlic 2. Allegro Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Peppers3. Allegro Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Rosemary, Peppers And Garlic

CAD 12.74 CAD 14.99 15 % OFF

Dewan Classic Basmati Rice 40 Lb (40 lb)

Glistening long-grains, perfectly aged, nutritious and aromatic,Dewan Basmati Rice is in a league of its own!

CAD 54.99

Guard Sella Paraboiled Basmati Rice 40 Lb (40 lb)

Produced from selected paddy of 1121 Basmati rice variety that is carefully processed in a parboiling plant to give the world the authentic parboiled taste. This rice has been pre-steamed to seal in the goodness and to make sure the result is fluffy and separate grains every time it is cooked.

CAD 54.99

Taza Tandoori Naan 5pcs (450 g)

Traditional soft Tandoori Naan is a popular year-round staple in homes. Handstretched and baked in a clay oven for authentic flavour. Keep Frozen.

CAD 1.99 CAD 2.49 20 % OFF

Taza Chapatti Homestyle 10pcs (450 g)

Hand-stretched, home-made style ChappatiRoti can make any meal a delicious one! Keep Frozen. No Preservatives. No Additives. No Trans Fat.

CAD 3.99

Taza Sheermal (660 g)

Taza Sheermal, a highly popular mildly sweet, saffron flavoured naan flatbread. Its soft and decadent texture makes it an all-time favourite in homes. Best served with Chai or indulgent curries like Nihari etc. Vegetarian. Keep Frozen.

CAD 3.99

Taza Paratha Jumbo 20pcs (1600 g)

Layered paratha thats best served for breakfast, paratha rolls, curries. No Preservatives. No Additives. Keep frozen.

CAD 4.99

Taza Whole Wheat Jumbo Paratha (1600 g)

Taza Paratha Jumbo 20pcs (1600 g) Layered paratha , thats best served for breakfast, paratha rolls, curries. No Preservatives. No Additives

CAD 4.99

Taza Qandhari Naan (660 g)

Famous Qandhari Naan Originated from tribal areas of pakistan is leavened flat bread baked on the wall lining of the Tandoori oven. Handmade to perfection for that authentic texture and taste

CAD 2.99

Taza Kulcha Naan Green Pack (450 g)

Hand-stretched, Fluffy, soft Naan made with mildly leavened flour and clay oven baked. Best served with curries, kabab or BBQ. Keep frozen.

Currently Unavailable


Taza Cheese Pizza Hand Stretched (550 g)

Taza Hand-stretched Cheese pizza topped with pizza sauce and mozerella cheese. Keep Frozen.

CAD 5.99

Taza Falafel (350 g)

Middle-Eastern deep-fried rounded dough made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, herbs and spices. A nutritious vegetarian meal that can be used in wraps, salads, sandwiches etc. Keep frozen. Vegetarian.

CAD 5.99

Taza Twist Puff Sticks (200)

Snack time with a twist! Flaky, buttery and sweet puff pastries that can be enjoyed on their own or with tea, coffee or milk!

CAD 2.99

Top Sellers
Allegro Olive Pomace Oil 3 L (3 l)

Allegro Olive Pomace Oil is the finest blend of Refined Olive Oil with Virgin Olive Oil. It has a neutral taste and because of the high smoking point, it is ideal for deep frying and cooking.

CAD 10.99 CAD 15.99 31 % OFF

Shana Wholemeal Chappati 400g (400 g)

Shanas Wholemeal Chapattis are created using only the finest ingredients, giving them the true authentic taste, texture and phulka of this popular Indian flatbread (also known as Roti).They are the perfect accompaniment to all of your Indian dishes!

CAD 2.69

Deep Clay Oven Tandoori Naan 5pcs (375 g)

Deep Clay Oven Tandoori Naa

CAD 2.99

Nanak Paneer Pakora 15pcs (454 g)

Appetizer like Nanak Paneer Pakora are easy to prepare in minutes and save a lot of time with very pleasing sense of taste.

CAD 6.99

National Garlic Paste 300 G (300 g)

Make your cooking time enjoyable and easy with ready to use paste made with fresh garlic.

CAD 2.99

Golden Temple Wheat Atta Flour (9 kg)


CAD 12.99

Zebra Premium Basmati Rice 10 Lb (10 lb)

Zebra Premium Basmati rice is known for its exquisite aroma, delicate texture and unique flavor. Be it a family dinner, a special meal for a special occasion or just an everyday rice dish, you can count on Zebra Basmati to do justice to your cooking. Perfect for Biryani, Pulao, etc.

CAD 15.99

Maggi Masala Noodle (70)

MAGGI Instant Noodles with the favorite Masala taste is the the perfect way to savior to all your hunger pangs! MAGGI noodles are made with the finest quality spices and ingredients. Make your bowl of MAGGI even better by chopping up some vegetables, dropping in an egg or throwing in your favorite ingredients.

CAD 0.49

Tapal Mint Green Tea Bags (45 g)

A wonderful flavour and scent alongwith numerous benefits of mint makes this tea a sure shot winner!

CAD 3.99