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Taza Chai Paratha
Frozen Flatbreads

Taza Chai Paratha

Taza Chai Paratha is a flaky flatbread that is perfectly paired with your morning or afternoon tea. Known for its crispy exterior and soft, buttery layers, this paratha is a beloved choice for those seeking to experience the rich flavors of South Asian cuisine without spending hours in the kitchen. 

Made with perfection

Each Chai Paratha is skillfully prepared to ensure it delivers a unique texture - crispy on the outside with soft, flaky layers within. This meticulous process guarantees a paratha that’s so original and delicious.

The texture you love 

The outside crispiness and soft interior make every bite a perfect contrast. Just heat them up on a pan, drizzle some oil/ghee on it, and you are all in for a feast!

Enjoy it your way 

Perfect alongside a steaming cup of chai, Taza Chai Paratha levels up your teatime. For a rich treat, pair it with sweet jams or savory spreads.

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