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Regal Pomegranate Juice Tetra 250 G

Regal Pomegranate Juice Tetra 250 G

In a delicious juice box, enjoy a taste of summer with the refreshing flavour of pomegranate. Our pomegranate juice is delicious and energizing, and its made with three pomegranates.. Each packet contains 25% pulp derived from nectarous seeds. Pomegranate juice in miniature cartons, perfect for on-the-go refreshment and lunchboxes. At Regal Foods, we make certain that all of our fruit juices are made with real fruit. Pomegranate is not only a royal and juicy fruit - it has also been an ancient favourite. Pomegranates are native to a region stretching from northern Iran to northern India, where this fruit with juicy orb-like seeds is considered auspicious and symbolizes prosperity. Because of its tart to sweet taste and trove of health benefits pomegranate juice is now enjoyed all over the world.

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